Gods & Clods


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    Artwork by Ian Maynus
    Album Design by Tim Lormor

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    Artwork by Ian Maynus
    Album Design by Tim Lormor

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released March 3, 2017

Produced & Engineered by STRANGE LOT
Dominic Mena: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Synth, Drums
Tim Lormor: Drums, Guitar
David Dennis: Bass

Mixed by Dominic Mena
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Lyrics by Dominic Mena
Front Cover Art by Ian Maynus
Album Design by Tim Lormor



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Track Name: Born
I hear you say is he gone, never begged to be born, until you knelt down, I could make any sound, as you fall to your grave, I can see now, as you fall and you’re saved, I can’t notice any how, Have you seen now, when you sing sounds, you belong as afraid, as you hold on to your faith, taste if you can see me washing away, the final walking over the past, continues forward on with the day, believing, watching you every night, when all that’s truth is wounded and free, remember that you belong to me, we rest upside down, wrapped up tight, the cold and warmth all mix in the rain
Track Name: Gods & Clods
racing out of the gates and I’d say repeat all you could, talking over your shoulder, I don‘t know you anymore, taking our steps towards your lawn, making our way without a loss, I was waiting to save them, I guess it caved in, all was coming along, and I’d hold you inside a warmth, all was coming to truth, and I’d send it over to you, they said you’d know best, accept the sworn debt, taking our steps towards your lawn, making our way without a loss, I know, they’ve said, listen
Track Name: Numbers
see me moving closer towards the place divided, feels so awful, burning rings right through my bones, though my mind’s taken us different places, let’s not pretend there’s light in darkness, they say waiting causes crazy losses, pushing us toward better living, though I found you wishing to be over, there’s still many hoping, waiting for their end to come, several years I felt the soul within her, bouncing to the beat of our drums, though while waiting we were facing numbers, see me falling, calling, your name I will show you all, yeah
Track Name: The Quiet
they say they’ve wanted us for more, sailing across to reach the shore, where love may lie for two, disturb, the quiet remains within yourselves in fright, and now we stay here for ourselves, complete with all the horns and bells, where sparks could rain, upon your skin, they’re keeping us so warm, within yourselves in doubt, the guide is gone, your king left you to fend, with lots of doubt, and now they’ve failed to recognize, what’s been in each and every eye, your wise man fled ago, to keep from getting so slow, to calm your strain, your skin, to help yourself, belong, the quiet remains, within yourselves it stays, collect your each and every thought, let’s use it for a greater depth, to reach your place of gold, involve your peers to roam the lake, controlled in vain, my debt to doubt, your king, the silence remains within, controlled in vain
Track Name: This Is The Light
this is the kind that swarms your whole body as you wake, they’re knocking if you’re late, it’s not an issue, when you’re swirling, got to be nice, but I can’t hear you learning names, let’s catch our breath, and hold, just a minute, I won’t send a call for no reason, pass off treason, believe me, it’s not the season and now, I’ve come to cause some trouble for, my son woke, and I saw, from my pillow, two eyes crawl, in passing, oh did I say you miss me, we don’t find it amusing, find me blinded, in love, this is the mind, it warps, as you’re watching all your days, collecting memories, alone, naturally, this is the light that warms, as you walk out in the day, alone, as you’re watching all your days end
Track Name: Describe Your Mess
describe your mess for me again, a tale, the days are blending in again, to me, I’ve lost all sense of sight, I’m running out of fright, they wanna lock us up for fun, now, and wanna give us all their fame, for tunes, they’ve lost all sense of sight, I’m running out fright, and I have just what you’re craving, I’m the same, and I know just what you’re feeling, come mess up on our fumes , I trust you’re keeping all your faith loud, we’re gonna cross that path and gain too, I’m lusting on your floor, they’re lusting on your, hey, tugging on your dress again, the boys asking all your plan’s detail, they’ve lost all of their rights, I’m running out of time
Track Name: Oxygn
we forget how to act alone, I’ve seen your face, I didn’t think to look, medicina, won’t you dance like & tell us where you’re from, I could never miss you coming back for more, I feel certain that you’ll call me like before, within an instance I feel a flashing sensation, with all the misters, I feel a massive flipping roll, rocking boat, to save you from yourself, through the sea, over the hill, you sing, but do you listen, oxygn you save one last breath, the silver linings all came off, wore them through, I didn’t think until now, suit your fate, they’re calling out your name, I’ll abstain from all your ties, to call before your eyes
Track Name: Have It Your Way
can’t promise anymore goodbyes, state your name, I can’t see too far, well I pushed on by, when the graveman could steal my life, steal my life, they can have it their way, I came along before all was saved, I can’t chase you running away, I belong to ride with the brave, to be lost, in my state, they could find love in my city, I can’t chase you running away, to belong, in my case, to find love, empty love, now I’m left to my own device, with a box, it’s the same old task, leave the monk to his test, where’s your mind coming from this time, the damage is done, the pain felt was far too great, for one man to bear all the weight, there’s no path, to claim all his fate, you can have it your way, there’s one view for those in a cave, after all, we were lost
Track Name: Crimes All Day
say we rush alone, I’ll know where you’ve gone, pacing back and forth, please say what you know, crimes all day, moon at bay, clear your head, climb a wall, put on your brand new face, I begged for it every way, dancing around the truth will soon be the end of you, cause sand castles fall, bending to the shore, I’ve heard waves hit the boat, painting acts in show, I say why be so?
Track Name: DFunkt
kiss hello, two days are running from them, I never saw it coming, days we chose were running from the rest, maybe I’ll become the test, risk and love, today’s slipping from hands, I never sought to disappear from them, I never saw it coming, days were slowly running from the rest, dizzy I’ll be, from the test, they never saw it coming, days we chose were running, all the chaos coming from the test, maybe I’ll become the best